Phone Free Ceremony 

We cant wait to see you all on our big day,

But we have one huge favor to ask,

We know we have asked a lot already &

We appreciate everything you are doing to make it on the day,

But if you could please spread the word,

We want nothing more than to see your smiling faces at our ceremony,

So if you could leave your phone in your pocket or bag,

And live in the moment with us in smiles and in aw of Jade,

We will reward you with beautiful phone free pictures online for all to see,

It has become tradition by accident we feel, that people use phones to look back and remember the wedding day so my promise to you is,

I will make all our photos available @ and when we receive our photos from the photographer I will upload them all to the website for all to see.

Phone Free is ceremony only so any great snaps you get before or after please do forward onto myself or Jade by phone or, or get us on Facebook or WhatsApp  0863305787